Inform and entertain does not pay your salary

<strong>- a little story about content</strong>

Once upon a time there was a content named Extra. Extra worked in an office like many other offices. This particular day Extra was a bit nervous. He was called for by Management. And Management didn’t look too happy today.
– Extra, management said, since you joined the team, productivity has dropped by 55 %. Do you have any idea of the reason for that?
Extra shook his head.  Why did Management blame him for the productivity loss when there was so much other content within the company?
–  What do you do at work? Management continued.
– Sitting at my desk, like everyone else here I guess, Extra said kindly, aimed to please the new Manager in charge.
Management glanced out in the landscape. Extras desk was squeezed in right in the middle of everything.  There used to be Feng Shui in this room, he saidly remembered.
Well actually there was a time before Management arrived, when the desks were all wrong. No one had communicated to the desk provider what the landscape looked like. And the desk provider didn’t look like he knew what Feng Shui was at all.
– So, what´s your main focus when you sit at your desk then? Management said.
– I am filling in the blanks, Extra proudly announced.
– Filling in the blanks, you say? For whom? Who do you work for?
– The information department of course, like everyone else here.
Wasn’t it obvious? This new Management was really one of a kind, Extra thought for himself.
Management sighed.
– The information department? The other content, they are all working for the users. You know they´re the ones paying for the party.
Extra took a deep breath and spoke without inhaling.
– But the information department convinced the floor manager I was necessary and that I absolutely needed to sit here. I mean, in case the users needed some extra information, and there I was.
– Has anyone needed the extra information yet? Management yawned.
– Not yet.. noo..  but I mean there is no harm done, is there?
Management leaned forward and looked deeply into Extras eyes.
– In fact there is. You see, the other content have difficulties completing their work cause you keep interrupting them all the time. It´s like you are trying to get the attention preventing other content from pleasing the users.
– So one isn’t allowed to be nice to the people anymore, is that what you say? What happened to “inform and entertain”?
– Inform and entertain doesn’t pay your salary, Management said. And as you know, the amount of salary paid is based on the monthly measures in Analytics. I am afraid this month none of our content will be pleased.
– But the information department will be pleased, I am sure they will, Extra whispered desperately.
– You know, their salary is also based on the measures and how well our content stand up for the users needs. In the long run, they will have to lower their salary as well.
A moment of silence appeared in the room.
– Do you see what I mean now? Management continued.
Deep down, Extra believed he did. But everyone deserves a second chance, right?
– Hey, there must be room for me somewhere in this office? I mean, I´ve been within the company for several years now and I know all there is to know about the extra information, he said holding on to the final straw.
– Sure there´s room for you, Management said. I am going to give you just the kick you need, he said and got up from his chair.
– Thank you, Extra said relieved, Information department will be grateful, mark my words!
Management nodded and with a determined expression in his eyes pressed the button in front of him.
First everything got fuzzy and the Extra found himself stuck in a dark metallic place.
– Where am I? He shouted out.
A dark voice answered slowly.
– You´ve been erased.
With Extra in the trash productivity rose by 70 %. Even the information department was pleased with the outstanding results and after a while they didn´t even remember a guy named Extra with his desk right in the middle of everything.

<em>Feeling sorry for Extra? Then you have a problem killing the darlings that steal your money.</em>

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