Life unplugged

There were two of us now. It may seem like a small number, considering the size of the total population. At least we were two, me and Dan who I managed to unplug yesterday.

– Remember one thing, Dan, never let them see you in public places. The sentinels can´t see you as long as you´re not tagged. But as soon as someone who knows you put a tag on you, they will find you.

Dan looked at me with tired eyes. The past 24 hours had been horrible for him. Not being able to sleep, constantly seeking any type of device.
– Are you saying there will be no more partying for me then? Ever? Don’t you get bored, just being here, without that extra dimension in your life?
I sighed and took a deep breath. Exhaled. Slowly. Obviously, we had a long way to go.
– In the end there will be no extra dimension, Dan. Online will be the only dimension. When all your friends offline have left you, when you do not longer care if you spend a whole sunny day or a whole summer for that matter inside a dark basement chained to your devices, when you do not longer remember how rain feels like on your skin  or the smell of flowers in spring. Then there will be no extra dimension in your life. Your digital you will be the only version worth your name.
– But all my friends are always online. They never wanna do stuff in the real world anymore. And if it’s just you and me now, what are we going to do with all our time?

Dan sounded annoyed. I could understand him. Remembering what it felt like to unplug and being separated from the devices that had me chained for such a long time. That irritating feeling of being drawn away from a drug I was addicted to. Constantly being somewhere else in the mind. Never taking part in life for real. Always the quest for comments and likes online. The feedback junkie. Like an actor getting kicks from the never ending applause from his audience.
– We have to continue the resistance, Dan. More people have to be unplugged or the world as we know it will seize to exist.
– I was quite happy with all the comments and likes. With hundreds of people following every step I took, he said with an angry voice.
– Were you ever happy yourself about the moves you took in the real life or was it just for show? To have something to write about online and getting high from people liking it?

Dan nodded intensively. I was about to lose him. It was time for the final stroke.
– If we continue this destructive behavior we will transform into feeders for the advertising intelligence. Our staring eyes are already the batteries keeping the social networks running, I said with a serious voice.
This must have made an impact, I thought, but noticed that Dan wasn´t listening anymore. He looked like he suffered badly from abstinence, desperately seeking a digital device.
– I can’t stand this anymore! Here we are, in a house where no one can see us, knowing nothing about what goes on in the online world. I don´t care if the social artificial intelligence swallows me in one bite. I need a device now!

Suddenly a phone started ringing outside. Phones were by far the most common gateway to the online dimension. We both ran for the door. I with the intention to keep it closed, Dan with the intention to open it. He got there first and rushed towards the ringing phone. The last thing I heard from him was:
–  Man! Do I have something to tweet about! It´ll be retweeted for ages!

This story is based on reality. Any resemblance to fiction is purely coincidental.