Waiting for Messiah

<a href=”http://www.storytella.se/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/jesus2.jpg”><img class=”alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-119″ title=”jesus” src=”http://www.storytella.se/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/jesus2-150×150.jpg” alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>It was the day for the new website to reveal itself to the organization. Many had waited a long time for this to come true. The era of frustration and resignation was now finally about to end.
The site had been developed for almost a year. Project managers, interaction designers, art directors and developers were the ones that had made it happen. The solution had been tested iteratively into perfection on several real users.

There was an air of excitement among the editors in the conference room today. Finally they were about to witness the birth of a system supposed to solve everything that didn´t work today.

Dorothy who had been an editor for almost a decade watched the project team demonstrating the features of the new website. This was something completely different from today´s disaster. Different but not familiar in a way that Dorothy had hoped for. There were several parts in the current system not present in the new one. Where would they place all their content? A heavy weight of content without destination carried on her shoulders.
– Will there be any training for the editors, she asked.
– No, there is no budget for that kind of activities, the project manager answered.
The project manager referred to a manual containing over 100 pages for them to read.
– Everything is in the manual, he said.
– Wouldn’t it be easier if we have someone to ask directly, she said?
– I recommend you to start with the manual, he answered.
Dorothy glanced at the manual and all the text. It didn’t look easy at all actually.

When the demonstration team with all their promising ideas of the new concept had left, the editors sat silently in the room. The former feeling of energy had now been extinguished. exhausted.
Dorothy opened her mouth first:
– Since it´s only three weeks left until launch of the new site, I suggest we just copy-paste all content from the old site to a container in the new one. Then when all content is in place, it´ll be easier to transform.
Everyone agreed. No one had time to think any further about it since they had to go back and publish content in the current system anyway.

On launching day, the project team was pleased they made it on time. There was just one problem.  None of the cool features and tailored content for the users where in place. On the other side of the site, there was an editor group who didn’t understand the concept left with a manual of 100 pages.

<em>No system in the world will be the answer to your prayers on its own.The realization and success of a new concept lay in the hands of those raising and governing it. Make sure they are part of the solution early. Otherwise they will be part of the problem later on.</em>