Tweet-commerce: service on demand

Two colleges of mine, Marwin and Daniel, went to Austin to attend the SXSW-conference. While in Austin, Marwin wanted to find a new pair of Jefferson´s by Native shoes.
The conference was really intense and Marwin longed for some spare time in the afternoon. Spare time he´d rather spend relaxing in a bar than running around Austin trying to find the shoes.
-       Why don’t you tweet about it? Daniel suggested sitting next to him in the crowded conference hall.

Marwin (lifeonmarw) tweeted:

“Where can I buy Native shoes in Austin? #sxsw any tips? #nativeshoes”

30 seconds later someone attending the conference replied to his tweet.

“@lifeonmarw Nordstrom at barton creek square mall”

He decided to check out the store in the afternoon since it wasn´t that far to walk. One minute later Native Shoes the company replied twice to Marwins tweet.

“@lifeonmarw try Complete Clothing in Austin [link]”

“@lifeonmarw @shoebacca is also a texas based online retailer”

-Check this out! Marwin said. I got two answers from Native shoes themselves in less than a minute after my tweet. That´s what I call a quick response, don’t you think!
-Indeed it was, Daniel said. And all you did was to use the hash tag #nativeshoes. At least you have some leads of where to buy them now.

One minute later Marwin got another reply to his tweet. This time it was from Shoebacca, one of the stores selling the shoes in Austin.

“@nativeshoes thanks for the shout out and recommendation! @lifeonmarw let us know if we can help [link to shoebacca] :-)”

-Wow, Marwin shouted to Daniel. I am about to tweet myself a new pair of shoes!

“@shoebacca wow! great support! Only online? At SXSW. Thanx for the help!”

“@lifeonmarw we´re online only but check out our speedy shipping options here [link]. Hope you have a blast at #sxsw!”

- It looks like I am in for a drink later on after all, he said with a smile. The supplier just solved my problem.

The hunt for new shoes was over.

It is time to step out of your site and face your customer. Do not limit your service to one single place. Be responsive and offer it where your customers are. Do you have the guts to sit and wait for them to find you?

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