Skistar goes social – a story of addiction

<a href=””><img class=”alignleft size-medium wp-image-255″ title=”skiing” src=”×240.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”240″ /></a>Peter was back online again. After intensive skiing in the mountains of Sälen he had a feeling he had achieved a top ranking today. At his profile page he could see that he finally set a new personal record by skiing 20 000 vertical meters in one day. Hah! And Mike who insisted it was impossible in Sälen.

He looked at the results of everyone today and found his name on number 5. There were only 4 other people on the whole mountain who had skied more meters than him. Peter could hardly wait to tell his friend Mike about it when he came back from the slopes.

He didn’t have to wait so long. The next minute he heard the door open and saw Mike standing in the hallway.

– I beat the record, he shouted to Mike.
– What record? Mike said while snapping up his boots.
– 20 000 vertical meters in one day!
– Oh really? Is it that web thing you told me about yesterday?

Mike wasn’t really into this ”web thing”. I´m here for the skiing experience, not for surfing the web” he had said yesterday.

– Exactly! It’s this web thing. All the numbers are in here; Peter said waving his ski pass in one hand and his phone in the other.
– You just log on to the service via your phone and find statistics of all the runs you´ve made, calories burned, types of slopes you have taken, other friends’ location on the mountain, etc. And do you know what?
– No, Mike said and sounded a bit tired. What?
– Today I am one of the top 5 skiers on the whole mountain! I even got a new pin for taking the steepest slope. Why don’t you get an account to see how well you scored today?

Mike removed his skiing boots and put the jacket in the drying cabinet and brought out his phone.

– Alright, what´s this thing called, he said staring at his phone. Does it work instantly?
– Mmhm, Peter nodded. If you register now all your runs since you first came here they will be visible online.

Peter was busy adding friends with the other skiers online. It felt great to get new friends sharing the same interest as he had. He refreshed the page. All of a sudden he found himself being placed as number 6 on the chart of today.

– Damn, he shouted and showed Mike his phone. Someone just took my placement in the chart.

Mike looked at him with a victorious smile.

– Guess who?

Peter sighed loudly. But of course.
Luckily there was a new day of skiing tomorrow. A new day filled with challenges on the mountain. And on the Internet.

<em>Like many ski resort providers, has booking online for accommodation and ski passes, web cams showing weather conditions in the slopes, information on current snow depth and number of lifts open. These features save time for the visitors prior to and during their ski trip. </em>

<em>As a separate layer, the new social web <a href=” ”> </a>takes the experience to a whole new level. Creating a need, highly addictive for competitive skiers, based upon the rudiments of gamification. Rewarding the skier with instant feedback of his progress compared to past achievements as well as to other skiers on the resort. Also providing Skistar with a tremendous amount of information based on skiing behavior that helps them to attract more visitors online and to the resorts.</em>

<em>PS. On a personal note, I have been to Sälen twice now in a month without making any top ranking. Yet.</em>