Content Jeopardy – Is your web providing answers or raising questions?

Ellen talked to yet another annoyed client on the phone. “Did you know I had to wait on the phone for 40 minutes,  listening to a stupid voice telling me I should start looking for information on your website?. If I had found the information on your website in the first place I wouldn’t have to call you at all, would I?!”

And I wouldn’t have to give the same answer over and over again, Ellen thought to herself and sighed.

–  Sometimes I wonder if we need a website at all since everyone keeps calling us anyway, she said to her colleague Nina during lunch break.
–  And why does everyone keep calling us? Nina asked.
–  Because they can’t find the answers on our web.
–  And why can’t they find the answers on our web?
–  Because the answers are hidden behind too much information.
–  Why is it hidden behind too much information?
–  Because we publish everything we produce.
–  Why do we publish everything we produce?
–  Because we don’t know what the clients are looking for and no one has time to find out anyway.
–  Why is it so? I thought we had editors working full time with the web?
–  We do. The problem is that they are busy feeding the web with new information, not answering questions.
–  Well, they don’t need to answer questions, do they? Nina said and smiled.
–  Don’t they?
–  No… you are the one helping the clients, right?
–  You bet I do. At least for those surviving the 40 minutes wait…

<em>Who is answering your clients’ questions today? Is your website taking more time than it saves? Many companies put up goals in terms of “Our new website will save time for our clients and our call center”. If you don’t know what primary answers your visitors are looking for online, you may end up wasting time for your clients, editors and call center.</em>