Web editors 2.0: From word count to conversion hunt

Lesley glanced at the new guy in the corridor. He had a very strange way of making an entrance on his first day. Instead of polishing the web editor-sign outside his door; the sign that all the web editors had outside their rooms; the sign that everyone polished on their first day, he just put it away. This wasn’t exactly company policy. And this particular day company policies mattered more than ever before.

In less than five minutes the new head of online services was expected at the office. Rumors had it there were some changes ahead and they were not of the positive kind.

Lesley sat down on his chair and opened a new document in Microsoft Word. He had some writing to do today, like every other day. He looked at the diploma hanging on the wall stating he was the most productive editor this year with a rate of 50 articles per month. And next to his diploma the words “All news are good news” printed on extra thick paper.

He started writing today’s first sentence when he heard the door bell ring. This was it! He pushed himself out of his chair and stomped outside into the corridor.

He noticed that the new guy had placed a hand written sign with the letters “C H” outside his door. Probably his initials, Lesley thought. How pathetic. Everyone had their whole name written on the door, not just some silly abbreviation that no one could remember or understand. Clarity was one of the core values in this company.

Outside the office door stood a short man with a grave look in his face. He looked like the type that never smiled.

Lesley took a deep breath, put on his best smile and opened:
“You must be the new head of online services?”

The short man nodded and stepped into the office corridor.
“That’s correct. I am Stanley, he said and shook Lesley’s hand firmly. And you are?”
“Lesley. I am one of the web editors.”

In the corner of his eye he spotted the new guy, Mr. “C H” approaching them.

“Well… actually I am the editor here”, Lesley continued with a loud voice.
“And why is that?”

The head of online services seemed a bit more interested.

“You see, I have the highest production rate for web articles here this year!” he yelled proudly.
“Aha, good for you”, the head of online services said before he turned his attention to the new guy standing next to him.

“And who do we have here?”
“I am Stephen”,  the new guy said and reached out his hand.
“And you are also one of the web editors, I guess?”

Lesley starred at this Stephen guy.
How the hell did he pass the recruitment process? Without having a clue of what he was supposed to be working with.

“I am a conversion hunter”,  Stephen said with a clear voice and pointed at the wrinkled piece of paper with the letters “C H” outside his door. “Eager to maximize output of this website and get the highest conversion rate this year.”

“Aha, good for us!” the new head of online services said, and finally he smiled.

Are you focused on bringing lots of words to your website or lots of value to your business?